LOL Design album ,LOL spiral notebook with closure ,LOL creative notebook ,LOL activity book,Disney Design album ,Disney spiral notebook with closure ,Disney creative notebook ,Disney activity book

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  • MOQ: 3000
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    Material Size Customized Finish Effect
    Cover PP 18.5*29.5cm 4/4 printing Hot stamping
    Back PP 23*29.5cm 4/4 printing /
    Inner paper Offset paper 18.5*29.5cm 4/4 printing /
    Inner paper Offset paper 23*29.5cm 4/0 printing /
    Inner paper  Offset paper 18.5*29.5cm 1/0 printing /
    Inner paper Offset paper 18.5*29.5cm / /
    Inner paper mm PVC 23*29.5cm 1/0 printing Hot stamping
    Inner paper Sticker 23*29.5cm 4/0 printing Glittering
    Inner paper PP 23*29.5cm Color,Die cut /
    Inner paper Laser paper 23*29.5cm Embossing /
    Spiral / / color /

    Regarding this item,if your target market is  the Netherlands,pls contact us and we will provide you the contact information of our agent in the Netherlands.

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    1.The product is only for display,not for retail.

    2.The design in the picture is only for reference.

    Company Information profile

    Ricky Stationery and Craft Co.,Ltd was founded by a team with fighting spirit and professionalism. We are an exporter of stationery, gift &premium and promotional items. And Our factories are long-term cooperation and trustworthy, they have BSCI audit report , and they are Disney approved.


    With the strong support from our cooperated factories , we are committed to offering quality ,efficient and cost effective products to our customers . And we have a complete quality control system. We do quality inspection for every order no matter if it is a small order or a big order .





    Can you produce Disney products?

    Yes, our factories are Disney approved.We will produce our Disney FAMA when the order is placed.


    Can you produce other products which need be licensed,such as Universal?

    Our factories have BSCI and SEDEX audits, and are generally eligible to apply for authorization.


    Can you produce FSC product?

    Yes,we can using FSC paper and FSC corrugated material.

    And from the material supplier,the production facility to our company , all have FSC certificate .


    Can we customize stationery combinations?

    Sure, you could tell us your idea as well target price. We will recommend the combinations and suitable packaging methods to you.Contact us, let’s talk more!


    Can your product pass any test?

    Our products can meet the test requirements of the USA and the EU market. If you are from other regions,pls contact us.


    Are your products suitable for children under three years old?

    Please send your inquiry to our sales, we will reply you whether it is suitable for three-year-old children according to your requirements.


    Can you supply the relevant documentation?

    Yes, we can provide most documentation including Certificates of Analysis / Conformance; Insurance; Origin, and other export documents which you require.






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